Neurologist Consultation

As a group practice of neurologists with extensive subspecialty expertise, we offer rapid and proficient advice in all aspects of neurological disease. Urgent appointments are available if requested by the referring doctor.

Nerve Conduction Studies & Electromyography (EMG)

Sydney Neurology offers a full range of nerve and muscle diagnostic tests. These include tests for carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, muscle disorders and myasthenia gravis. Reports are generally available on the day of testing.

Vestibular Function (Balance) Tests

We use state of the art Otometrics equipment to provide rapid, accurate assessment of dizziness, balance disorders and eye movement disorders. Vestibular function testing, which include video head impulse testing and vestibular evoked myogenic potentials, are helpful in the diagnosis of vestibular neuritis, Meniere's disease, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, vestibular migraine and superior canal dehiscence. Where required, Dr Luke Chen can provide formal neuro-otological consultation.
Vestibular Function Tests

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Both routine and prolonged EEG studies are performed at Sydney Neurology or at the affiliated Comprehensive Epilepsy Service at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. EEG provides important information about brain function independently of brain scans. Reports are generally available within 48 hours of test completion.

Evoked Potentials

Visual, sensory and brainstem auditory evoked potentials are performed at Sydney Neurology or at the affiliated Neurophysiology Service at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.. These tests are useful in a wide array of neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Reports are generally available within 48 hours of test completion.

Injectable Therapies for Neurological Disorders

Sydney Neurology offers therapeutic injections for neurological disorders including blepharospasm, hemifiacial spasm, dystonia and refractory migraine. Please note that Sydney Neurology does not administer this treatment for cosmetic purposes.

Country Outreach Clinics

A/Professor Stephen Reddel has a country outreach clinic in Port Macquarie, and offers both clinical consultations and full neurophysiology service.