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    • WM1-7 Brain parenchymal oxygen monitoring in delayed cerebral ischaemia

      Objectives At this single centre, tri-modal monitoring of ICP, temperature and direct brain tissue oxygen tension (PbtO2) is used to guide management of delayed cerebral ischaemia (DCI). We describe our experience of PbtO2 monitoring and its relationship with symptoms of DCI, regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF, perfusion imaging), intra-arterial chemical angioplasty and CSF diversion. Design Prosp …


    • WP1-2 Labial gland biopsy for the investigation of neurological sjogrens

      Objectives Nervous System involvement in Sjogren’s Syndrome (SS) commonly affects the peripheral nerves, though central nervous manifestations such as myelitis can occur. Peripheral Neuropathy has of 2%–10% of SS cohorts.1 Involvement of different segments of the peripheral nervous system leads to a widespread spectrum of neuropathic manifestations including dorsal root gangliopathy (D …